Constituent Testimony Project 4

If you want to tell your story in your state Senator’s office and help us find support for our equal placement bill here is all you need to do.

Send your address (not just your county) and phone number to

We will then determine who your Senator is.

We will then need to talk with you to determine the best time for a meeting

We will set up a meeting at your Senator’s office.

We will meet with you 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting to explain what will happen.

We will accompany you to the meeting.

Lawmakers need to hear about problems from their constituents otherwise they have no way of knowing there is a problem.

The purpose of these meetings are to allow you to tell your story to someone who can actually help and to build support in the State Senate for the equal placement bill. If your concern is child support you will need to wait until child support reform is brought up in the legislature later this session.

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4 thoughts on “Constituent Testimony Project

  • Roy Krueger

    I just got back from court today for more time with my daughter.

    Like the first 3 times in court, nothing I said mattered. They wouldn’t even look at my paperwork and calendar showing how much more I have my daughter and still pay the maximum in child support. Her mother continually fights against me having more time (with no reasoning attached to the fight). She says no, the court follows suit, I’m discounted and then I get threatened with what the state can do to me! All I’m doing is trying to get more time with my daughter. They refuse to give it because it will affect how much money her mother gets. I have a lot to say and am willing to say it to whoever will listen.

  • Cedric Banks

    The Wisconsin court system does not work for the best interest of the child rather makes decisions based on presedances and past court practices. The term “best interest of the child” requires magistrates and GALs to use the merits of each case as the primary tool for establishing the best interest.

    This was not done in my case and I am confident it is being replicated with others. I want to tell my story.

  • Colin

    Oshkosh, wi 54904
    I would like to tell my story. False allegations of abuse and with holding my affection to our children. We are still currently battling. I won the false allegations suit, but still she will not release the children. She claimed sex abuse in her last marriage, her mom did last year as well. Each time is a replica of what is happening to me. My wife also had an affair with an attorney in Appleton with thousands of pic and video and texting back and forth till the day she went to the shelter. I believe he coached her on what to do to get me out. The texting was literally every day all day, every minute for three months. I need help getting my children back. The abuse center will not return any calls, her pro bono attorney will not return any calls, now have to wait until june 3 for a hearing in custody. They have been gone since April 12.

  • Luke Le Capitaine

    I’m in the process of going back to court for equal placement time for the 3rd time after the fact the GAL saw her true colors and ask me you are taking her back to court which I did a couples years later and still didn’t get 50/50. I expressed to my sons mother that I feel it’s in our best interest for our son that he has equal placement time and that we split all expenditures 50/50 and her remark was I want to take time away from you and more money. It frustrates me now matter what shanatigians she pulls or says the law is on her side. I’ve been involved with my son from day one and involved in volunteering in school/coaching his sports/believing in our faith of god at church and being supportive through the ups and downs. I strongly feel the politicians/court systems need a reality check and if were in my shoes explain to me how they would feel how’s this is healthy for the children when the child wants to spend more/equal time with their father. Doesn’t our constitution state everyone is created equal? I don’t see the children having equal time with both parents and it saddens me the children/fathers get punished in this bios society.