PR: Dads of Wisconsin Working with State Rep to Reform Child Placement After Divorce

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Dads of Wisconsin Working with State Rep to Reform Child Placement After Divorce


Oxford, WI / December 11, 2013 – Dads of Wisconsin has been working with State Representative Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) to reform family law relating to child placement after divorce or separation, as reported by WKOW. The Dec. 9 WKOW report pertains to Assembly Bill 540 (1), introduced by Rep. Kleefisch. The bill will create a presumption that placement be as equal as possible between both parents, in the children’s best interest.

Studies show that equal custody reduces parental conflict and litigation, encourages mediation, and provides for better outcomes for children compared to those with little or no contact with their fathers.(2) Fatherlessness contributes to a host of social ills such as juvenile delinquency, early teen pregnancy, drug use and others.(3)

There are thousands of children growing up in Wisconsin who need the firm guidance of a loving father but are not getting it because the law now does not really recognize the importance of children having both parents actively involved in their lives. You can’t be a dad if you only see your kids every other weekend.

Dads of Wisconsin is grateful to Rep. Kleefisch for addressing a serious problem for all noncustodial parents. “My time with my daughter is extremely limited and I feel as though our once great relationship is now diminishing.” says a father from Superior whose ex-wife publicly humiliated him during their divorce. The State of Wisconsin should not be party to the destruction of a father-daughter relationship.

Dads of Wisconsin has been an advocate for fathers and their children since 2009. Donations to the 501(c)4 organization are welcome, as are volunteers.

Members are available to the media to relate stories of the unfair treatment they have received in family court, illustrating the problems the bill addresses.


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